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Overwhelm is not the enemy, it’s the feedback

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194. Why is shadow work so powerful?

Reviews from Juliet's Listeners

“Juliet offers so much of herself, including her stories and knowledge and insight about various facets of personal growth and development. From business, to healing, to relationships, she generously shares her experience and learnings. I particularly love the example in ep 98 from one of her trainings where in the space of about 5 minutes Juliet helps a woman realise that she has infinite potential"

"With her melodic and naturally peace invoking voice, Juliet interviews so many incredible and inspiring people whilst she oozes authenticity, confidence and compassion. I have listened to a few of her more recent podcasts and decided it was worth going back to the beginning and listening to them all from episode 1 so I don't miss a thing! I often get chills and need to grab my journal to write out everything that connects with my on my growth-journey as she seems to just 'get me' and knows how to phrase things just perfectly. She's a natural and the real deal! Thank you for being so inspiring "

"I love this episode! I was able to apply it to something I have been facing immediately! This was such an amazing reminder that the challenges we face is also such an important part in our growth moving us to explore within ourselves and shift perceptions to bring us to our highest purpose. Thank you Juliet once again for your guidance"