Do you feel resistant to people or situations?


I did a survey this week on Instagram asking “do you feel resistant to others or situations or ever get triggered by things in life?”

100% of people voted YES. 

It happens to us all.

But how we respond to it is what sets us apart.

It feels horrible to get triggered or feel resistant to life, doesn’t it?

We have two choices when we feel that gut wrenching reaction or triggering sensation. It could be from a comparison, it could be about someone who pushes your buttons, it could be a situation that keeps popping up in your mind. It could be resistance to making a big financial decision!

The one thing I want to remind you is, that person, place or thing is only constant in YOUR REALITY. In my NLP training there is a term I talk about which is ‘perception is projection’.

Which means, life (and your external experience of reality) responds to your internal reality.

And even deeper than that, this means that the triggers and resistance have been brought to your reality to teach you something or help you grow. So why would we push them away and say no to things? Because they feel so negative….

Energy (either positive or negative) is powerful. So notice what attracts you and repels you… because we all know the saying ‘what we resist, persists’… things will just keep coming back in larger and larger forms if you ignore the messages.

In my Podcast this week I spoke about the ways you can respond to resistance or triggers, in a way to keep you open to opportunities and life. 

Because the other option is to respond from fear, to judge or make the other person wrong, to shut down to any opportunity to learn and therefore, to stay stuck exactly as we are. 

When you remember that the only constant in this life is change, you know that growth and change is what keeps you thriving.

Resistance to growth and change is a sure way to stagnation.

Personally, whenever I feel resistance to someone or something I go DIRECTLY to the source. I speak to the person and notice all the similarities between myself and them. I say yes to spending the money if it means it will open me up to more opportunity. I go to the event and learn what I can. In doing so, I shift any negative perception into an integration of learnings and possibilities. I embrace the resistance and show the illusion of ‘fear’ – which is all resistance is – that I am not hiding from it.

And that allows me to continue growing and changing…

So, my journalling suggestion this week is for you to ponder what has triggered you, or who you have judged this week – and what is is about that person or thing that you may well very need to learn or embody. 

And for more insights, be sure to catch this week’s Podcast episode.

With love and respect,

Juliet Lever xx

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Juliet Lever is an NLP Trainer & best selling author.

She specialises in working with people who want to make a difference in the world build skills to help others either in a coaching context or by following their dreams themselves.

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