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This is a self-paced course, so you can start creating your book at any time. If you feel you'd like extra support, choose my 'guided' option.

Hi, I'm Juliet Lever

If you have read my best-selling book 'Relaunch My Life' then you’ll know that my purpose in this life is to help others find and follow their true purpose.

Writing a book is a brilliant step for EVERY human in this world. Not because the world needs more books… but because the world needs more YOU.

You see, when you write a book some incredible things happen.

You send a clear message to the world about who you are and why you are here.... You need to live congruently with the message you share in your book....People can get to know you, on a broader scale.... People who you don’t even know can trust you and feel like you are their friend.... People will benefit through your message.....You will feel a sense of achievement... PLUS It can be a source of passive income and there are so many other benefits.

So if there are so many benefits to writing your own book, why do less than 3% of writers actually finish their books?

  1. Most people do not see the work that goes into their favourite books.
  2. Writing a good book is nearly impossible without great help.
  3. People try to write a book when they've never even written a short story. If you had never written a small song would you attempt a symphony?
  4. People are waiting to get offered a book writing publishing deal, without establishing as a writer (or having a huge Social Media following)
  5. Many think that getting a publishing deal is the only way to write a book OR that you have to spend a sh*tload of money on a publishing house.
  6. They write a book for their own self-healing, not for a particular reader or audience.
  7. People are worried about what your friends and family will say.
  8. They get STUCK and don't know how to get UNSTUCK.
  9. They don't expect to have (and appreciate) a few healthy mental break-downs along the way.
  10. They get overwhelmed with everything that is involved.


BUT MOST OF ALL... people just don't make the time and discipline to sit down and write.
I've done it!
Let me share my tips and tricks with you.
Let me show you the way.
Let me save you the headaches and help you to finally birth your book...

What's included:


Training Videos

You will be guided by Juliet, inspiring and guiding you through a particular element to help you birth your book (recommended completion is 1 chapter every 2 weeks although you can complete the sections sooner).


Options to choose one on one guidance

Half-way through the course you will have a 30 minute book planning session with Juliet to help you get unstuck, set goals, refine your structure or anything you need help with. You can also select the 'guided' payment option which includes 3 x 1:1 book coaching sessions with Juliet.


Everything you need to birth your book

"Thank you Juliet, I would not have finished my book if it wasn't for this program!" - Kirsti

Course chapters

What is covered in the course chapters?

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Birth Your Book

This journey will inspire you to finally get your book into the world.

Don't put it off any longer... get the support and guidance you need to make your dreams a reality.

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