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Relaunch My Life

Reconnect to your soul, redesign your future and rediscover the magic within

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Do you feel there is more you want to experience in your life? Do you sometimes feel like something is wrong, or missing in your life? Does your soul yearn for more than what you are currently experiencing?

In Relaunch My Life, Juliet Lever shares an intimate journey through the steps she took to relaunch her own life from an anxious overworked employee in an unhappy marriage to an inspired entrepreneur and finding her soulmate.

In this life-changing and inspiring book she shares her secrets so you too can live your happiest and most fulfilling life - a life on your terms.

This book will help you to:

  • Understand why things have happened to you in your life.
  • Learn clues and concepts to discover your soul's purpose.
  • Take steps to redesign your future.
  • Unlock the five keys to fulfilment in order to live your most fulfilling life.
  • Plus resources, support and inspiration to help you on your journey.

Because you deserve to live your happiest and most fulfilling life.

You will discover


Tips and tools to help you relaunch any areas of your life


The story weaves the journey Juliet went on to relaunch her life to inspire you to make small changes every day in your path



As part of this book you have the opportunity to join a community of like minded people also on a journey of self-discovery


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What people are saying....

“A must read for your soul!

I have just started this book and can't put it down, it reads beautifully, just like Juliet. Juliet has helped me with getting my anxiety under control and finding inner peace I didn't know existed. I highly recommend this user friendly, wonderfully written book and more. Thank You Juliet!”

– Anonymous

"Loved the book, honest, authentic and easy to read. The audible version is the perfect companion and the fact that it is read by Juliet makes it that much more special. One of the best books I’ve read and listened to!!!"

– Sharon Jay

"If you have not yet picked up a copy of Juliet's book, do yourself a favour and do it now! I couldn't put my copy day from the day I received it. It is so relatable & easy to read. It was like Juliet was telling my story. It's a book I will be rereading over & over again! And not to mention how amazingly lovely Juliet herself is."

– Bec S | Sydney

Download your 30 day planner and free 'WORKSHEET' PDF to follow along with the book!

These two resources, the 'PDF questions section' and this 'Relaunch My Life in 30 days' planner is a great way to start making small inspired changes every single day.

Be sure to join the Facebook Group 'Relaunch My Life Community' to gain support and inspiration to help you on your journey.

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