5 Warning signs it’s time to re-think the way you think


Have you noticed yourself trying to move forward in an area of life, but found yourself feeling like you just needed to ‘think about it’ a little longer?

Do you have a deeper desire to live a more fulfilling life, but when you do think about what you want to do, you end up feeling more lost?

Do you sometimes find it hard to make decisions?

Well, you’re not alone.

You see, as a society we have a ‘thinking problem’.

And it means we are making life harder for ourselves than ever before.

Because if you aren’t control of your mind, then who is? 

Your mind is so powerful, and the results are largely dependent on how it’s used and how it’s programmed…

So, I want to share these 5 warning signs with you to take back the power of your mind.

I also explained a few of them in this week’s Podcast Episode on Relaunch My Life Radio available here:

Warning Sign 1 – You’re attached to technology 

Never before have we had so much happening all at once, there is so much stimulation and we are in information overload. 

Not to mention, our phones are almost embedded in our minds. People even have Google in their homes nowadays…

And the internet ‘on tap’ gives us quick answers.. to everything.

So we’ve outsourced our need to think.

They also give us an easy way to distract ourselves from thinking about problems… and sometimes we can get into a sneaky pattern of ‘I’ll think about that later’ to delay having to think about what we want in life or what obstacles we are facing.

If you’re attached to technology, then you can get stuck in INDECISION through finding your answers by scrolling the internet and wasting your precious mental energy on social media.

Warning Sign 2 – You don’t create TIME to think 

Time is a precious commodity – so many of us don’t even have TIME to think…

And when this happens, most of us shut down.

We contract rather than expand. . because it all feels too overwhelming.

We stay stuck in inaction instead of breaking down what we feel overwhelmed about and thinking about what we can do about each item.

And we are slowly being trained to let ‘others’ do our thinking for us.

One of my favourite NLP tools is learning how to think at different ‘logical levels’ which really allows you to learn how to think in new directions. It’s an incredible activity, almost like ‘mental gymnastics’ where you can feel yourself thinking in new capacities.

Think about it…. you can’t out-think a problem at the same level of thinking it was created in.

Warning Sign 3 – You have trouble making decisions 

If we can’t think properly then it’s incredibly hard for us to make our own decisions.

Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of change… these elements all lurk deep within our subconscious and hold us back.

Sometimes also, there can be a ‘part’ of us that wants one thing, and a ‘part’ of us that wants another.

And so, we carry inner conflicts within us, unresolved and not even realising that it’s totally possible to change this and gain resolution and congruence.

What does that mean?

Well, there is actually a way to heal inner conflicts.

And the neuro-science behind the healing power of this particular NLP technique means that when you say you’re going to do something -you actually do it.

AKA, say good bye to self-sabotage!!

Warning Sign 4 – When you do think, you OVERTHINK 

So if we aren’t great at thinking, when we do actually try to ‘think’ what do we often end up doing?

That’s right.


That is, we spin around in our mind and create all sorts of unconscious stress and pressure. We procrastinate and end up doing a whole lot of nothing!

And this is exhausting.

It literally consumes our mental energy and shuts down our capacity to act and change.

Warning Sign 5 – You haven’t cleared up your language and unconscious beliefs & programs 

Honestly, if you’ve never done (and aren’t regularly doing) mental/emotional inner work with a coach then it’s almost as if you’ve never brushed your teeth your entire life!

How bad would your breath smell if you NEVER brushed, or flossed your teeth or had never been to a dentist?

From my perspective, that’s what your mind is like if you’ve never had a good ‘mind cleanse using the skills I teach in NLP and empower my students to use for themselves and with clients in their coaching businesses.

Because who knows what unconscious beliefs and limiting decisions are lurking in your subconscious mind, creating your reality 24/7?

We filter reality based on our beliefs.

Last week alone, I coached 9 clients one on one and helped them to clear SO MANY limiting beliefs. And it never ceases to amaze me how much influence our beliefs have over our life experience and the power that comes when you install new beliefs.

And finally on this, I want to remind you just how powerful the self-talk you have is… literally all of the self-talk and inner dialogue you have is a direct suggestion to your unconscious mind.

It’s SO powerful, and it’s important to understand this.

Your mind is so powerful, depending on how it’s programmed – and you want to use that power for good!

So, it’s my absolute passion to educate people about how to master their ability to think, and build a strong and lasting relationship with their beautiful mind!

Why would anyone want to stay stuck in a rut of indecisiveness and overthinking?

And there is no better time than the present.

The world needs more people who are awake and on purpose and able to think for themselves. And I am going to do everything I can do help people gain these skills that changed my life over the past 5 years.

So, if you want to create a life that feels truly fulfilling, and you’re ready to step into growth then reach out to me about joining my next NLP Practitioner Training.

Space is available for November 3-8 (7 days) in Adelaide CBD and there really is no better time to set your 2019 up for success. Email me at to apply.

Because there honestly is no greater skill than learning how to think, and to understand the language of your mind!

With love and respect,

Juliet xx

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Juliet Lever is an NLP Trainer & best selling author.

She specialises in working with people who want to make a difference in the world build skills to help others either in a coaching context or by following their dreams themselves.

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