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216: Consistency creates freedom


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Welcome to this month’s episode of Relaunch My Life Radio.

Dream – Juliet shares an update or a story from her life
Life – Juliet shares a tool or tip to help you transform your perspective
Diary – Juliet shares 3 journaling prompts for self-reflection and growth


In this section I share a small snippet or update from my life to share some learnings

It’s amazing to already be one month into the year. In my last episode, I shared that my intention for 2024 was a ‘paradigm shift’, and so far, it has been in so many ways!

A pattern I have been noticing that I am sinking into is a deep shift into consistency.

This week we are teaching our second half of Master Practitioner, and diving into Shadow Work, Breakthrough sessions and advanced concepts. One advanced concept I always love sharing from our Master Practitioner is a coaching question from a technique that ascertains which energy in life you are best at – starting things, stopping things or maintaining things? And then, which are you worst at? Starting things, stopping things or maintaining things?

So take a moment to consider, are you best at starting/stopping or maintaining things? Are you worst at starting/stopping or maintaining things?

In the past, I desired freedom and sought that out in variety.

Changing up workouts, variety of foods, etc etc, was a way of both starting and stopping things.

I would set goals like wanting to be able to do 5 bodyweight pull-ups but never stick to a plan to ensure it was achieved. I’d get 60% of the way then not progress and maintain what was required to improve.

When Paul and I were in New Zealand over Christmas and New Year, we sat down and wrote a training plan. You may not know he was SA Personal Trainer of the Year in his early 20s and has the most extensive range of knowledge of training and rehab exercises. We spoke about my goals and wrote a 5-day training plan to help me get there. Previously, I’d resisted using our home gym, but he told me something that stuck with me – that West Side Barbell had the worst gym in the world (old equipment and no air conditioning), but it produced the strongest athletes. What this tells me is that it’s not the circumstances but our commitment and consistency that create our results.

So, instead of signing up for a gym with classes (and doing whatever I was told, all in the name of variety), I’ve been showing up in our home gym every single day. Instead of telling myself I need to get out of the house, I just go to the gym each day. It’s been a paradigm shift for me. I also eat simply every day now, following more ayurvedic principles. It’s these simple, consistent habits that are allowing me to have variety and freedom in other things. By being able to maintain things and improve things rather than stop and start things I am able to achieve freedom and achieve my goals.

I’m also midway through guiding my Birth Your Book Writer’s group through a Book club to start off the year. We are working through The Artists’ Way by Julia Cameron. To say that this book has been a profound journey would be an understatement! The commitment to this book and consistently sharing our synchronicities and realisations each week has been an incredible start to this year. One of the activities is to take myself on an Artist’s Date each week, and I’m sharing these on my socials if you want to check them out. An artist’s date is something to help nurture our creative side. It’s meant to be fun! I’ve so far explored the historic Mortlock Wing at the Library, been to a 5 Rhythms Dance class and gone on a solo picnic.

We also had an amazing opportunity to present about mindset in business at a Business Retreat run by Steph Gorton and Tim Frey to over 70 business owners in Bali mid-way through, so we are flying to Bali part way through teaching a course… talk about behavioural flexibility and saying yes to opportunities! There is a lot happening and of course, I feel the year’s intention of paradigm shift smiling at me from 2023.


In this section I guide you through an NLP, Coaching or Hypnotherapy tool to help you apply to your life.

This month’s tool is a quick one to help you recognise the difference our perceptions make on our reality. In NLP terms, you may have heard this referred to as ‘reframing’ Reframing allows us to shift our perspective. Reframing, in the therapeutic sense, is about looking at a situation, thought, or feeling from another angleBecause in reality, things just are. But the way we think about them determines whether we think things are good or bad, right or wrong. In Master Practitioner we teach 16 different ways to reframe a particular problem, so the ability to think laterally becomes second nature. Because sometimes we can get stuck within our own limited perceptions and fixed thinking.

All of your life and reality is based on how you perceive things. That can change by reframing things. Because the way you think something is isn’t always the case.  With reframing, the goal isn’t to deny or avoid challenges. Instead, it provides a mental framework to help you interpret situations accurately.

For example, if you have a problem or issue in your life, you can zoom out and perceive the issue from the perspective of looking down from the clouds. This bird’s eye view can give you a different insight into it. You can also ask yourself, what would happen if I never let go of this problem, if I carried it around forever, to gain insight into the impact time would have on the problem? You could shift your context and the payoffs, by asking ‘how is this problem actually serving me?’ and you can also ask yourself questions like ‘what else could this behaviour mean’ and of course lastly, you could perceive the situation from the other persons perspective.

Another simple example of a reframe is considering facts. For example, if someone is miserable and says they don’t have time for exercise, if I told them they could improve their mood, relationships, finances and overall opportunities in life and all it would take is 2% of their day, would you find the time for that?  A 30-minute workout is only 2% of your day. That reframe can help people eliminate excuses. Try reframing things in your day today and notice that it’s never about the thing, it’s always about the frame we are perceiving something through.


In this section I provide some journaling and self-reflection activities:

  1. Am I worst at stopping things, starting things or maintaining things?
  2. What would happen if I embraced that less used energy in my life a little more?
  3. What could I spend 2% of my day doing (30 minutes) a day that would change my life?    

Learn more about my courses, book and Birth Your Book program.

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Juliet Lever is an NLP Trainer & best selling author.

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