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214: What are you paying attention to?


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Welcome to this month’s episode of Relaunch My Life Radio.

Dream – Juliet shares an update or a story from her life
Life – Juliet shares a tool or tip to help you transform your perspective
Diary – Juliet shares 3 journaling prompts for self-reflection and growth


In this section I share a small snippet or update from my life to share some learnings

Have you ever had a moment where time totally stood still and you saw things happening in slow motion? 

2 weeks ago I was in the middle of teaching our latest NLP Practitioner training. It was the 3rd day of our 7 day intensive and the group was going incredibly well. At night after a full day teaching I had my weekly social netball match in the evening. As I jumped to take a rebound my foot landed partly on my opponents foot and my foot went in a completely different direction to my leg. The sound was not good. I knew I’d done something bad and immediately couldn’t weight bear. 

In that moment I could hear my self talk. Not again. 

A few weeks on, a confirmed fracture in my talus, a moon boot and some crutches and I am humbled by the lessons injuries can teach me. Our bodies can teach us so much. One thing we teach in our Master Practitioner training is that the acronym for PAIN stands for Pay Attention Integrate Now. 

So I’m curious, are you paying attention? What is your body saying? 

As always where focus goes energy flows and so often our attention is on things we don’t want. Start to focus on what you want, what you can influence, what is going well. Rather than focusing elsewhere. 

3 years ago I had a similar fracture on my left foot and thought I’d got all the lessons. This time I’m paying even closer attention. As it turns out there are some indications that my bones in my feet are positioned in such a way that makes them more susceptible to fractures than torn ligaments. Either way, I can promise you I’ve been deep diving into my own healing about this and the spiritual meaning of our ankles. 

Our beautiful feet take us everywhere in this world and are too often overlooked. 

Aside from getting learnings from this on a personal level I’ve been so moved to be assisting authors in my Birth Your Book course to get closer to publishing. In case you’ve ever wanted to write your own book, my program welcomes you to my inner circle writer’s group for life and each year I do a mid-year guided intake of my self paced course as well as at the start of the year we do a book club. In January we are starting the Authors Way by Julia Cameron. 

If you’d like to know more then reach out to be a part of it. 

So that’s a little update on me and my life.


In this section I guide you through an NLP, Coaching or Hypnotherapy tool to help you apply to your life.

In this month’s episode I’m going to share my favourite way to get fast focus on what matters in life. This tool I’m going to share with you is something we work on during the goalsetting section of the NLP Practitioner training. We do a balance of remedial (clearing the past) and generative (Creating the future) change work.

A simple life wheel is where you can segment each area of your life and give each area a rating of satisfaction right now. 

Draw a circle if you can and segment it into 6 wedges. 1 Is for Health, 1 for finances, 1 for career/business, 1 for family/friends, 1 for relationship and 1 for study or personal growth. Give yourself a score out of 10 for each of these. Get clear where you are, pay attention to where you are now. And if you’d like you can set an action for each area you’d like to take. 

I’ve got an example life wheel you can download by clicking the link in this episode.

What’s changing now as you listen to this. What are you paying attention to now?  

The wheel of life is always turning. 

There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s book and write your own.— Albert Einstein


In this section I provide some journaling and self-reflection activities:

  1. What is 1 step I can take towards my dreams today?
  2. Am I currently experiencing any pain? How can I pay attention now and integrate the messages?
  3. What is 1 thing I still want to achieve in 2023?

Thanks for tuning into this month’s episode. To download a life wheel head to the resources section.

Learn more about my courses, book and Birth Your Book program.

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Juliet Lever is an NLP Trainer & best selling author.

She specialises in working with people who want to make a difference in the world build skills to help others either in a coaching context or by following their dreams themselves.

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