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212: The ripple effect of following your dreams…


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Welcome to this month’s blog drawn from Podcast episode number 212 of Relaunch My Life Radio.

Dream – Juliet shares an update or a story from her life

Life – Juliet shares a tool or tip to help you transform your perspective

Diary – Juliet shares 3 journaling prompts for self-reflection and growth


In this section I share a small snippet or update from my life to share some learnings

It was a beautiful moment and one that I’ll never forget. A shiver went down my spine. It was the final night of my 3-night writing retreat down at Kings Beach. The sun had set and we had finished our dinner and all the guests and I were sitting by the fire. I had asked each of them to share a piece of writing with the group.

One by one, the woman vulnerably shared pieces of their books with the group. I reflected on my dream to hold a writing retreat. The waves of nerves or impostor syndrome the first time any of us do something new were pushed aside and I smiled as I realised that by following my dreams, I create safe spaces for others to follow theirs.

This is what I’ve always done since I relaunched my life. Bravely taken steps so others felt brave to do the same. . It honestly reminded me of the quote by Barbara Sher ‘As soon as you start to pursue a dream your life wakes up and everything has meaning’.

You see, there is something so inspiring about seeing someone follow their intuition and dreams. When any of us relaunch an aspect in our lives it has a profound ripple effect. When you make small changes. When you say no to the extra drink or piece of chocolate. When you go for a walk instead of scrolling on your phone. When you say yes to life instead of closing down and staying stuck in fear. All these small choices and actions have a ripple effect not only on your life but those around you. Everyone benefits when you follow your heart. But most importantly you. We all know that who you spend time with is who you become. And for most of us, we are the person we spend time with the most. Your thoughts and internal world is who you become.

You probably don’t even realise how much of a difference it makes.

I’ve been hosting this Podcast for a long time now, and It’s funny isn’t it, if we see ourselves through the eyes of others. Just yesterday I had someone tell me how great they thought my Podcast was. To them, my podcast was the last episode they heard. They heard the result of my experience of the last 7 years. To me, when I think of my Podcast I think of it all.

The pressure I’ve felt at times to come up with content, the commitments I’ve made, the TERRIBLE tacky intro I had for the first year or two (which, by the way I thought was very cool when I first paid an American voice over artist to record it for me haha).

It’s similar to life. We see our highs and lows. We see ourselves when we wake up first thing in the morning. Everyone else gets the highlight reel.

Do you sell yourself short sometimes by thinking about all the highs and lows in your creations or life? If only you could see what everyone else can see in you! Your potential is limitless and you do make a difference in the world.

Anyway, back to the writing retreat as I told you in last month’s episode I was deep in retreat preparation mode. It all went so incredibly. It was nurturing, it ran exactly as I’d have hoped. And it’s something I will run every year now, in August as there was something so special about the hearty meals, the cosy fire and the rainy days to write inside. (Email me at if you’d like to be a part of the next one, I am already taking registrations)

Beyond the retreat, we are gearing up for the busy end of the year for us. Our NLP Practitioner training for October is filling steadily, we have a Hypnotherapy training in November and then Master Practitioner in December and February. We are planning our trainings and new events for 2024 and it’s hard to believe we are getting close to the end of the year! If you’re on the fence or have been thinking about joining us for a training please reach out, we have spaces available and the trainings will equip you with tools that will help you both personally and professionally to move into the new year with clarity, shifted beliefs and a heightened level self awareness.

So that’s a little update on me and my life.


In this section I guide you through an NLP, Coaching or Hypnotherapy tool to help you apply to your life.

What does it meant to you to follow your dreams? For some of us, this is a continual work in progress around unravelling our desires, our beliefs and staying in the pursuit of action. My favourite saying is take one step towards your dreams every day because I figure, the time is going to pass anyway! In 3 years time you’ll have taken 1000 steps towards your dreams.

 In this section I’m going to share a NLP tool which helps you uncover your own internal world.

You see, every single thought we have has a related unconscious association. Whether that’s pictures, smells, sounds, feelings or thoughts.

Even if I say the word dreams or goals right now you probably have some sort of unconscious response. You just need to slow down enough to recognise it. So what happens for you? Do you see something that represents your idea of dreams or goals? Do you hear something? Do you feel something?

Recognising these subconscious associations is called understanding submodalities in NLP jargon. Basically every single word or aspect of our lives has meaning encoded into our unconscious mind. Things we like, things we don’t like. Every single word has a storage and association at the subconscious level. In our trainings we teach you how to discover these and even move (or completely re-define) these which is so fascinating and liberating. I’ve helped people move things in their mind that used to cause them stress and anxiety and in an instant it helps them feel relaxed and in control. That’s how quick this sort of unconscious change work can be when you understand it.

Now if we combine that with a little hypnotherapy suggestion work you can appreciate why these two modalities blend so well together. We don’t teach script based Hypnotherapy, we teach intuitive hypnosis here at Evolve and Relaunch so you have frameworks and can apply the different suggestions, tonality and language patterns to suit your unique client. Naturally because this is a recording it’s going to be a little more general but I know it’s still going to be powerful for you because of my intention.

I want you to notice what happens when I say the words follow your dreams. And as you focus on that unconscious response become aware of your thoughts, mental pictures, feelings and associations. Because where focus goes energy flows. And the more you connect with your dreams the more real, tangible and closer they become. And you’ve followed your dreams before. You know when they are speaking to you. And the more you realise this the more it’s starting to become more obvious to you. And I wonder what it means for you to follow your dreams even deeply than you ever have before. And beyond that, notice your future as you continue to deepen and strengthen your connection to yourself and take steps towards your dreams.

What’s changing now as you listen to this?  What is one step you can take towards your dreams today?


In this section I provide some journaling and self-reflection activities:

  1. Where do you typically hold tension in your body? And in what situations?
  2. What is a dream you have for your life?  
  3. Write a list of your strengths and things you love and admire about yourself.

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Juliet Lever is an NLP Trainer & best selling author.

She specialises in working with people who want to make a difference in the world build skills to help others either in a coaching context or by following their dreams themselves.

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