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209. Embrace fun and deepen your intuition


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Welcome to this month’s Podcast episode of Relaunch My Life radio in the new Dream Life Diary format. 

This month I am going to share an update on my life from my journey to Vanuatu with Charity TV Australia and Adventure All-Stars. What I learnt and what I uncovered. 

In the life section, I’m going to share a tool to help you get reconnected to yourself and your intuition.  

And in the diary, I’ll share 3 journaling tips to give you a feeling of clarity and centeredness.


My journey since my last episode. I met 18 other people who I was going to journey with on the day we embarked on our trip to Vanuatu. The plane ride was spent getting to know my companions. As I started getting to know the other cast and film crew, I knew I was in for a very special week. You see, Adventure All Stars and Charity TV Global is the largest philanthropic TV show in the world. Raising funds for charities these trips aim to reward the fundraisers and also raise awareness for the charities and tourist spots we visit. 

I spent time getting to know the ‘Why’ behind each and every member of our cast. And honestly, it was an incredibly special week with these big-hearted souls – not to mention a LOT of fun! I laughed a lot. 

Aside from the special humans I travelled with, Vanuatu was a beautiful place to spend the week. The locals greeted us with smiles wherever we went, and I was reminded just how much travelling to new cultures and countries does something special to my soul. 

We did some crazy stuff, of course, all in the name of adventure and good TV (Think zip lining 300m high across a 300-meter canyon!) and ATV dune buggy driving at full speed in the mud. 

The biggest thing I learnt during my week away was to loosen up and have more fun. Not to take life so seriously and to live large and give things a go. And that there are some incredible humans doing some incredible things. I was honoured to be representing the HAS foundation, and Ella Stratton, the co-founder, gave me a merchandise pack to bring with me to Vanuatu. Part of the pack were some white HAS foundation bandanas. I was thankful to be able to hand them out as gifts at a local village school we visited. These simple bandanas transformed some young Vanuatu boys into superheroes. And I’ll never forget seeing them stand 1cm taller when I tied the bandanas around their necks like capes and declared them Superman! 

I learnt to keep things simple. I learnt to embrace SWEAT and mud and to get dirty more. When it airs in early 2024 on Channel 7 Plus, you’ll see what I mean!


This month’s tool is designed to help you get connected to your intuition. It’s actually a super simple process I share in my book Relaunch My Life.

The reason I find it so powerful and profound is we live in a reality where everyone is seeking answers from people ‘outside’ of themselves. You really do have all the answers within. 

If it’s safe to do so, take a moment to close your eyes and take 3 deep centering breaths. Tune into the space around your heart, and you may even want to place your hands over your heart. Think of an issue or a problem in your life. Now as you breathe and focus on your heart, say out loud or in your mind, ‘Heart, what do I need to know about this problem or issue?’ or ‘Soul, what have you been trying to tell me about this problem or issue?’ 

Take these learnings inside, thank yourself and reconnect to this any time you need some clarity or guidance from within.


Here are 3 journaling prompts for this month based on my theme


  • Where could I loosen up and have more fun in my life? 
  • What is my heart trying to tell me about this problem or issue? 
  • Where am I staying in my comfort zone, and what’s 1 thing I can do to step outside of it?

In closing, I am launching an intake for my Birth Your Book course next month, and I have put together the final touches on my 3-night Writing Retreat in South Australia, it’s happening the first week of August. If this is something for you, and you’ve been thinking of writing your own book, please reach out to me. 

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