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208. Being seen and following your dreams


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This month’s Podcast is proudly brought to you by our brand new book Evolve Your Mind. Out now on Kindle and paperback at our website and coming soon to Audible and Spotify. 

Welcome to this month’s Podcast episode for Relaunch My Life Radio – under my new theme,


In my Podcast, I share a story in my life in the DREAM section. In the LIFE section, I share a mindset tip or tool to help you in your life. And in the DIARY section, a few journaling prompts for you based on my theme for the month.

The theme I wanted to focus on this month is – being seen and following your dreams.


This past month since I got home from Bali has been incredible. Paul and I celebrated the launch of our brand-new book Evolve your mind. We were so amazed at how many people dove in to purchase our book, and we had so many sales on the day of our launch that we actually reached the #1 Best-selling Book on Amazon in a day! We also reached #1 in NLP and Self Hypnosis categories, so we were really proud of that achievement together.

We also recorded some bonus guided audios of techniques that you can download when you purchase the book. Writing a book is no easy task and we had so many potential stumbling blocks towards the end. This has made me even more passionate about helping business owners and coaches write their own books and I’ve decided to run a writing retreat in SA later this year. I truly think it’s the best business card. It’s a way for your audience to get to know you, it’s a credibility builder, and it’s a huge personal achievement too. But you have to be comfortable with being seen. With standing out. Being vulnerable. There is something about writing a book and putting your name on the front cover that is so different to an e-book or blog post.

We also finished teaching our 2nd NLP training for the year on Sunday and the breakthroughs in the group were absolutely amazing. It’s such a privilege to be able to help people tap into their true selves and potential. The most common blocks we help people through in this training are layers of not feeling good enough, not being worthy of love, and having a fear of being judged or failing. These layers hold us back in deeply rooted unconscious ways that often become ‘just the way we are’. So it’s powerful to help people change that.

And on Friday morning I leave for Vanuatu with Charity TV Australia. I’ve raised close to $8000 and am so proud to be representing the HAS foundation on this trip. I think if you’ve ever done any fundraising you’ll appreciate how much time, effort and energy goes in. One of my goals last year was to support more charities and causes and it feels amazing to have been presented with this opportunity. There are 10 other people going on the charity trip and I can’t wait to meet them all and learn more about their passion to support their charities and causes. The whole trip is going to be filmed and televised and so yet again I come back to my theme for this episode about being seen and following your dreams! Click here to find out more 


This month’s tool or tip actually comes from one of my favourite techniques, the anxiety technique taught in NLP Practitioner. So often in our future, we are imagining things going wrong, or we aren’t focused on what we want. So, in the line of being seen, I want you to take a moment and think about something coming up in your future (perhaps a moment where you will be seen or be vulnerable in a public setting). It can be anything, though. Now I want you to take a moment to visualise it all going well and, in fact, focus on the moment 15 minutes after the moment has passed. So, if you have a talk, imagine 15 mins after you’ve walked off stage. If you have a client call or sales call, imagine 15 minutes after they’ve hung up saying yes. It’s so powerful to move from the climax of what could go wrong to the aftermath of what has gone well in your mind. This sort of mental visualisation can completely reframe events in your future and help you feel more calm and in control in the present moment. Practice this during the month any time you feel unsure about the future.


In this month’s journaling prompts


  • Where am I playing small, or hiding my light? 
  • What would happen if I felt more brave and allowed myself to shine my light- what would be possible? 
  • How can I take one step towards my dreams this month?

Have a beautiful month ahead and I look forward to sharing how my trip to Vanuatu goes next month! 

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Juliet Lever is an NLP Trainer & best selling author.

She specialises in working with people who want to make a difference in the world build skills to help others either in a coaching context or by following their dreams themselves.

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