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Hi! I'm Juliet

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

These days you’ll find me teaching individuals and coaches the skills they need to change their lives and make a difference in the lives of others.

I am completely obsessed with understanding how we can recreate excellence in our lives as a result of a complete life change in 2014. As a result of a huge spiritual awakening and going on my own personal transformation I am now living a life that reflects living a life of my highest potential.

Relaunch My Life Radio Podcast

An inspiring and activating Podcast with 10 minute tips to Relaunch your life and 30 minute interviews to inspire you to live your most fulfilling life!


219. Become unrecognisable (3 things you must know to change your life!)


218: Listener Q&A – Manifesation

Juliet Lever NLP trainer

217: 3 NLP tools to help you create more impact TODAY

Relaunch My Life - The Book

Reconnect to your soul, redesign your future and rediscover the magic within.

In Relaunch My Life, Juliet Lever shares an intimate journey through the steps she took to relaunch her own life from an anxious overworked employee in an unhappy marriage to an inspired entrepreneur and finding her soulmate.

relaunch my life by juliet lever

birth your book

from conception to creation

Birth your Book Online Course

If you have read my best-selling book 'Relaunch My Life' then you’ll know that my purpose in this life is to help others find and follow their true purpose.

Writing a book is a brilliant step for EVERY human in this world. Not because the world needs more books… but because the world needs more YOU.

You see, when you write a book some incredible things happen.

This is now a self-paced course, so you can register at any time.


"Juliet has a natural ability to make learning easy and fun. This is one of the best and most personally and professionally transformational courses I have ever done, with so much pre & post study support. I highly recommend!"

– Kellie | Australia

"I have just started this book and can't put it down, it reads beautifully, just like Juliet.

Juliet has helped me with getting my anxiety under control and finding inner peace I didn't know existed. I highly recommend this user friendly, wonderfully written book and more. Thank You Juliet!"

- Stella | United States

"Juliet truly is an angel! I am so grateful to have connected with her! Juliet’s intelligence, grace, knowledge & huge heart is truly inspiring. I have loved learning from her & look forward to further expanding my skills with her in the future! Thank you Juliet for being such an angel ❤️"

– Rebecca | Australia

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